The Picture of Dorian Gray Costumes

Long time no post. Sorry about that, I’m the worst at updating.

Lately I’ve been working on costumes for an amdram production of The Picture Of Dorian Gray so it’s been sewing central in my living room, dining room, conservatory, bedroom…you get it- I’ve taken over the whole house.

It’s still early stages at the moment but the first dress rehearsal is in less than a month (eek!) and I only really started last week so I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.

My budget for the show is £95, which wasn’t really enough for me so I’m investing some of my own money into costumes and keeping anything I make after the show’s over. Since I still have a pretty limited budget I’m doubling up as many costumes as I can possibly get away with (fingers crossed the audience won’t notice!).

Almost all of the women’s costumes are based of the Truly Victorian 1885 Cuirass Bodice pattern which is great because of the sleeve variations and wide range of sizes in the one pattern.

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New Corset Project

I absolutely love corsetry, it’s probably my favourite element of sewing that I’ve come across so far. I’ve made a couple of corsets for other people before and decided it was time to make one for myself, but so far I’ve had issues with every step on the way. I initially ordered a kit for the Truly Victorian TV110 corset (below)



The decision was mainly based on the fact that I’ve seen some really lovely looking ones that people had made and that it was lined. Seems it wasn’t to be though! The store (Sew Curvy) had run out of the particular pattern, Julia at Sew Curvy has been great so I can’t fault their customer service and in the end I decided to have a kit for the Laughing Moon Bijoux Dore corset instead. 

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My By Hand London Kickstarter Goodies!

Over at They recently did a kickstarter campaign to generate funds for a digital textile printing machine to offer custom printed fabrics, exciting right?! I loved the ides of this so just knew I had to pledge! The campaign was successfully funded and the other day I got my little thank you gifts for the money I pledged – I just had to share a photo because I am in love with this mug, it’s super adorable and completely me.Image

It came with a tote bag, a stylish box of dressmakers pins, cute stickers and a thank you postcard.I think they played it safe with the whisker design because all sewers LOVE cats, right? I swear they do anyway… I don’t knew anyone who sews who doesn’t appreciate kitties!



A Brief Update

Hello! I haven’t had much to post about lately but I’ve recently ordered myself a new corset making kit and a few new things of ASOS so will hopefully be posting about those very soon.

Today was the first day of the year that I’ve been out strawberry picking at the local PYO, I absolutely LOVE strawberries! I always say that if you’ve only had supermarket strawberries, you haven’t really had strawberries, there is nothing like picking them fresh so I urge you all to go and seek out your nearest PYO farm! Okay, so there’s my bit about strawberries done (even though I’m pretty certain I could write an essay about my love of strawberries).

Oh, I recently got a new hair cut too, I’ll post a picture soon. It’s not dramatically different from my previous one but feels like it is, and to be honest I’m having mixed feelings about it right now. Well, that’s all for now, thanks for reading folks!

Just a couple of things…

Just wanted to do a short post about a few things.

Starting with my new lip balms- my sister recently came back from her trip to America and brought back an pack of Eos lip balms for me, if you live in The USA I’m sure you’d be familiar with them but they’re more difficult to get over this side of the pond. I usually just use Vaseline on my lips, and as much as I love Eos I don’t use them as a replacement – I just love how cute they are and how they come in different flavours!


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Paper Art Inspiration

I’ve never been a massive fan of paper crafts but lately I’ve been really liking these 3D paper cut out pieces, they’re simple and very sweet. West End actress Emma Hatton (did I ever mention I’m a huge fan of the theatre?) creates and sells some of her beautiful designs at I’ve also seen similar works in John Lewis which have been cut with a laser cutter. I think they’re so beautiful so hoping to have a go at creating my own piece of 3D paper art at some point, though I think I’ll stick to simple shapes as I’ve neither a steady hand or a laser cutter!


Photograph does not belong to me

Powered By Coconuts

Ever heard of Vita Coco? Well I love the stuff! My parents are from Malaysia and used to drink fresh coconut water a lot, I was never keen on it as a child but when I discovered Vita Coco (which is coconut water, incase I hadn’t made that obvious!) I instantly because enamoured with it, it’s super healthy and and great alternative if you want a sweet drink but not something loaded with sugar. I often bulk buy it from Costco because I get through so much of it! They do a variety of different flavours but I’ve only had the original and pineapple, but for me the original wins!

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